Virginia Tragedy

The horror of this weekend’s tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia once again exemplifies man’s capability of being inhumane to his fellow man. For 15 years, the Unity Games has stood up for tolerance, equality, and respect for those that are different from you.

As a member of our Unity family, we urge you to live up to the principles you have learned. Text, email, or call someone whom is different from you. Talk about what has happened in Virginia!

Speak out against the injustices you witness. Your voice will make a difference.

There is no place in our society for bigotry and hatred. Your Unity Banners represent your respect and love for each other.

Right now, these banners are being exhibited at the Staten Island Children’s Museum. Come down and take a look.

Keep the Unity Games spirit alive!

We all need each other,

Mark Sherman & Jacob Carey
Cofounders Unity Games